Monday, 25 November 2013

ਸਧਾਰਨ ਭੂਤ ਕਾਲ سدھارن بھوت کال Past indefinite tense

We liked to learn about the present tense, didn't we? Well now, it's the turn of past tense and the simplest of 'em all is past indefinite or simple past. Here are few examples:

I danced there.
ਮੈਂ ਉੱਥੇ ਨੱਚਦਾ ਸੀ।
میں اتھے نچدا سی۔

He read the book.
ਉਹ ਕਿਤਾਬ ਪੜ੍ਹਦਾ ਸੀ।
اوہ کتاب پڑھدا سی۔

They spoke.
ਉਹ ਬੋਲਦੇ ਸਨ।
اوہ بولدے سن۔

The conjugation is done by removing the ending -ਨਾ/ਣਾ and adding a suitable verb ending plus including the past form of the verb "to be" (ਹੋਣਾ/ہونا) as discussed in the previous post.

The endings for the plural masculine pronouns is -ਦੇ and for plural feminine it's -ਦੀਆਂ while for masculine singulars, it's -ਦਾ and for feminine singulars, it's -ਦੀ। One call recall that these were the same in the present indefinite conjugations.

ਲਿਖਣਾ/لکھنا (to write)

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